Infected Android Apps Have Banking Malware

Infected Android Apps Have Banking Malware

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All Android users who regularly download apps from the Play Store have been warned about a number of infected apps on the Google Play Store have banking malware installed to steal personal information.

Infected Android Apps

ESET, who are a security research company discovered banking trojans that were found in Google Play Apps.

The malware was found in apps that were legitimate looking. The type of apps included:

  • Horoscope apps
  • Device cleaners
  • Battery manager apps

How These Apps Were Dangerous

The apps were designed to interpret calls, redirect messages and download apps in order to bypass sms 2 factor authentication logins.

The apps were able to insert phishing forms in order to obtain customer information including banking information.

List of  Infected Android Apps

The full list of infected apps includes collated by MetaCompliance Android news:

  1. Power Manager
  2. Astro Plus
  3. Master Cleaner – CPU Booster
  4. Master Clean – Power Booster
  5. Super Boost Cleaner
  6. Super-Fast Cleaner
  7. Daily Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs
  8. Daily Horoscope Free – Horoscope Compatibility
  9. Phone Booster – Clean Master
  10. Speed Cleaner – CPU Cooler
  11. Ultra-Phone Booster
  12. Free Daily Horoscope 2019
  13. Free Daily Horoscope Plus – Astrology Online
  14. Phone Power Booster
  15.  Ultra-Cleaner – Power Boost
  16. Master Cleaner – CPU Booster
  17. Daily Horoscope – Astrological Forecast
  18. Speed Cleaner – CPU Cooler
  19. Horoscope 2018
  20.  Meu Horóscopo
  21. Master Clean – Power Booster
  22. Boost Your Phone
  23. Phone Cleaner – Booster, Optimizer
  24. Clean Master Pro Booster 2018
  25. Clean Master – Booster Pro
  26. BoostFX. Android cleaner
  27. Daily Horoscope
  28. Daily Horoscope
  29. Personal Horoscope

If you happen to have any of these apps installed on your android device, you should certainly consider uninstalling them.

You should also change all your passwords and you should run a security app on your devices to clean out the malware.

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